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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  August 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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sends offer a fire storm refusing to stand for the national anthem and he's not backing down. >> and we now know what caused 911 outage in d.c. over the weekend thanks for joining us i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> you can blame a maintenance worker that flipped the long switch for the outage. "fox5" lindsay watts was first to report the cause today. shee joins us live with the latest information, lindsey d. c dispatcher inside this building where saturday night a worker inadvertently took down the 911 service for an hour and a half. he was trying to turn off an alarm for a water leak when obviously he made a major mistake what's more though this reveal that backup plan that should have kicked in didn't work in emergency seconds matter and people calling 9
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late saturday to sunday could not get through we did not have major ings dense thuring this time. .> >> we later found out it was human error on part of maintenance contractor. >> was he not trained or paying attention why would he not dot right thing. >> there's a large investigation going on into exactly how it happened and what training the individual had to be trained to be here and receive clearance to get into the room. >> even with the worker's mistake 911 calls shoe have been auto matt engly rerouted to the backup center expecting that everyone in the room jumped into the car making 20 minute drive across town to the second center near howard university when they arrived they found the backup system had failed. >> we now have a bigger problem then going to the back up center. >> question is why and for the time being the ci
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have the answer. >> safe to say at least a couple of major things didn't work the way they should. >> and this situation also impacted communicate taition occasions equipment for police and fire and things were not working and it seemed like there was not any standard procedure in place. officers in one district tell us they were called back to the station. officers in another disstrict said they were told to be out on the street to be visible and d.c. police spokesman said the department is looking into the way it was handled and that is part of after action report. by the way that work whor flipped the wrong switch will not be coming back to this building. live in southeast, lindsay watts, "fox5 local news". >> and the search is still on tonight for a driver who hit and killed an elderly pedestrian in restin 7 76-year-old hung soon sale was attemptsing to cross north shore driver when she was hit yesterday afternoon. police still do not have any suspects but they want to talk with a driver who may have witnessed the crash. d
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nissan altima with silver front trim and tinted windows. residents say an accident like this was fwound happen with the way people drive around that area it doesn't surprise me the way people drive around here they speed like crazy. we frequently hear that. we get fresh market in this area to and she probably -- what happened she went to get milk or something. >> here's another look at the car police are looking for and the type of car they're looking for nissan the ma was tinted windows and silver trim. >> do you remember this wild boat road a fight broke out near cambridge maryland back in july. maryland natural resources police charged asia and joel cooper with multiple violations including second degree assault and malicious destruction of property and disorderly conduct. they started to fight during a
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about $3,000 in damage. tonight we have update on the hepatitis a outbreak that began in northern virginia smoothie chain. health authorities tell us 40 people contracted the disease and whovrn tested positive says they drank a smoothie at tropical smoothie cafe prior to getting sick and virginia health department says frozen strawberry from egypt lookly caused that outbreak. this was a lesson some middle school students in prince george country won't soon forget, air force helicopter was forced to make emergency landing at gwen park middle school in brandywine this morning and spokesman from joints base andrews says pilot noticed transmission warning as flying and decided to land the chopper immediately. no one was hurtch the chopper was on the ground for a short time and mechanics checked it out and then the helicopter returned to joint base andrews without a problem. >> well this was a big day for hundreds of thousands of school children across the d.c. region and they headed back to class. "fox5" bob barnard was up early and
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it's just after dawn and bus brigade is leaving clark clarksburg depot. this first day of classes for 159,000 montgomery coupe public school children. increase of nearly 3,000 students over last year to handle them there are ten more buses and more bus drivers and more teachers as well. >> yes, we'll have hired about 1200 teachers by today which is about 80 % more than last year in terms of number of new hires and we're very fortunates is good school system and a lot of people apply to work here and there are areas of short am that we need to pay attention to and that tack and remain those teachers. >> growing number of montgomery county school buses are armed with side mounted cameras aimed at catching drivers that zoom past school buses and stop to pick up or drop off students. >> eventually we're working with new vendor now and all buses will have enforcement cameras and people say we're out to get money. we're not out to get money we'
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>> in prince william county it's first day of school ever here at the new charles j. cogin high school in mannasas and no senior class here just fresh men, sophomores and jr. s wandering hol ways for the first time and they'll is access to state of the art swimming pool and prince william county. >> and prepare students both for careers and for further education. and so we're trying to hit every one of the marks along the way. so for example we have a program that is on cyber security which is something vastly needed. >> and it's the first day of schooling in loudoun country as well. several school districts in maryland are back in session an a new day, a new school year with endless possibilities. bob barnard, "fox5 local news". >> well long wait for metro trains may soon get a little more bareable. transit agency is launching 4
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at 6 metro rail stations and stations are metro center, gallery place, l'enfant plaza, union station. jish ray square and archives station. metro plans to install wifi in all 91 stations by the end of year. >> that would be nice. >> all right. well nfl quarterback colin kaepernick says nag alan them pro steingt about starting a conversation. not all fans want to hear that. what other football players are saying about his controversial sit down. >> hi, sue. >> hi shawn, tony, guess what today was. >> hot. >> back to school another hot day and 21 at or above 90 and here's bus stop forecast for tomorrow. we're going to make it 22. we've got another hot day expected. comfortable in the morning and sunny, dry someday. what about the tropics and big labor day holiday weekend. we'll have all of that for you in a few minutes. come on back.
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snv star spangled banner ] that was the best, whitney houston. of course that's what we're talking about tonight. should he or shouldn't he the up roar over san francis coye 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick not standing for the anthem continues. >> weighing in with their take tom fitzgerald spent the day at redskins park. you spoke with someone who knows kaepernick pretty well. >> sure d toney. good evening, you know vernon davis is originally from our area. but he skyrocketed to success in years as a tight end of an francisco 49ers he played with colin kaepernick for years. he told us two key things about the quarterback today. first he says he can vouch for colin kaepernick as a teammate and person. but he also added interesting aside saying that he did not remember kaepernick speaking out at all about either social justice or
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their years together in san fan cisco. redskins for their part they were out on the practice field today fully aware of this controversy that all of the nfl teams are now embroiled in over colin kaepernick's decision to sit during the national anthem the other night because of kaepernick's position that african mrernz not being treated properly here in the united states. now, after practice was over we talked with vernon davis and he says he's trying to be concentrating on his own performance getting ready for redskins' season this year and not really paying that much attention to what's been going on in the last couple days with colin kaepernick's controversy. >> civil right, social justice is that something when you were together he talked about often? because awe lot of people are talking to him now that don't know him. you worked with him you. >> know i don't -- i can't recall that. i don't
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a wonderful teammate. great person, hard worker and every day he brought lunch pail ready to work. as far as politics and socialioustis and all those things you inches know i didn't get into that. redskins head coach jay gruden was emphatic about this today. pointing out that just days ago the redskins held a full practice at joint base andrews for military and veterans families. gruden told me that taking off your helmet and standing during the national anthem for three minutes is one of the many ways this franchise shows respect and honor to both u.s. military and veterans in general. we're live at redskins park tonight, tom fitzgerald, "fox5 local news". >> thank u. fitz we'll take a closer look at athletes and politics onlying up at 5@630 it's about politics join the conversation use 5 at
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>> a group is rescuing animals and bringing them north to clean them up and i find them temaryy homes. dan woben has the story. >> she's coming from messy blood conditions. >> it's a clean start. for this little pup, rescuers renamed rouge. >> she came from baton rouge. >> little
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four legged victims of floods in louisiana. >> good girl. good girl. >> getting a much-needed bath at lisa's something to wag about at a pet spa in new jersey. >> i'm washing off whatever it was she experienced before he got to me. >> if you could have seen ruth she looked like a lockness monster. it was gross. mold, you know, they're in floods. >> robin urban volunteers from pet rescue, inc. traveled to the buy uthrough muck and devastation to soft dogs. >> i'm the mama bear that drives up the streets and i see one i grab one. >> she has 40 to 50 more animals on way up and she's klebting supplies and working with local shelters. >> look we need money we have to spay them and feed them and groom them and transport them up if we don't get free airplanes
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>> and she needs more pet foster parents like denise burns to step up. >> if i can give them loving and take care of them like my own for a little while until i know they're going to a loving home, that's why we do it. >> and bath time overall cleaned up nails clipped and bandanas and bows this is the fresh start they need. >> it makes me feel good. i'm not the kind of person that i appreciate and i'm thrilled but i'm sitting here thinking, you know how many more can i save. >> so many more that need a new place to call home. >> dan wowens, "fox 5 news". >> cute puppies. >> they're cute. >> she's an angel. >> hi sue, shawn, tony happy monday. >> bye-bye august. >> can't believe it already. >> going to fast. whole summer has gone so fast. i can't believe the kids are back in school. >> i know. >> wawawa. >> a loft
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about that. somebody that works nights you ra like us, awe. >> because it means we get to sleep in later when the kids are out of school. so now that they go back to school we have to get up early again. >> i hope everybody had a good first day no trauma. >> no trauma so far. >> no trauma weather-wise we have a couple of tropical systems to watch that sparked up quickly. most everything is going to miss d.c. though. >> good. >> in terms of tropical weather. hey if you valve a little bit for labor day weekend you want to see where a couple of these tropical depressions may be going. so want to you be aware of that and meanwhile, 94 degrees was the high temperature today. it's a little bit he'sy out there and i think the humidity felt worse in the past and certainly as recently as say late thursday and friday but today, it's a little bit bette better. these 94 degree readings wow continuing our hot trend this month. bwi 93 degrees and we've got two more 90 degree days to go before we get a fantastic break in that
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average high now dropped to 85. check out temperature trend. definitely 90 and 92, tuesday, wednesday, on the hot side and humidity not out of control and but definitely noticeable and then thursday, about 86 degrees as frontal boundary comes through with few thunderstorms and this is our only real shot of any rain this week right now and friday about 82 degrees. that's going to feel fantastic isn't. it meanwhile as we check temperatures still at 91 in city and lot of places upper 80s to 91 fredericksburg and we look at dew points to get an idea where the humidity is and hey i'll take 66 degree dew point at or above 70 uncomfortable and frederick is one of those spots and it's unusual frederick dew point 75 and hagerstown 5 5. something to definitely steam things up there. in the tropics it's what we're watching off the cape hatteras area about 140 miles southeast of hatteras and this is tropical depression. if it gets a name it will could be
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and it could be because there's a second tropical depression if it develops that will get the name, hehrmane or ian is the next name. what are hurricane flyers founding as they circulate around and back and forth towards the whole system they find wind speeds of 30 miles an hour and latest recon flight. it's not terribly strong although it could become a tropical storm and it's forecast to do so. although right now winds of 35 miles an hour that did not get upgraded 5:00. here's the track. it's going to brush by the outer banks late tonight and early tomorrow morning and nice hard right turn and spins away quickly with the hurricane center thinking it will become a tropical storm. so hermane or ian you'll hear about that and maybe this develops first tropical depression nine water in the 9 owes gulf of mexico that approaches florida as stronger system potentially on thursday morning as tropical storm crosses peninsula and
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again later this week on friday. so it's going to be kind of rough suffer in atlantic and keep that in mind. tuesday afternoon high pressure protecting us. so we have another beautiful day. takes warm day temperatures in the0s and 9 0s. little humid. but not out of control. and we'll head for about 90. wants to show you fox 5 accuweather 7-day forecast because holiday weekend and wow are we transitioning in a big way. fist of all tune in friday morning zip tripping to silver spring our lasts of the year and we're giving away a car. 82 on friday. what a beautiful day to wrap everything up. and then you can see as we head into the weekend, saturday, about 84. sunday 85. labor day 87. that is a sweet three day weekend. so i hope you get out and enjoy. it plan accordingly and don't go anywhere we have much more to tell about you "fox5 local news" at 6 we'll be right
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sad news to report comedy legend gene wilder. >> decade long career was filled well tears and laughs and so so much mun. adam hously takes a look at the highlights. >> gene wilder was born jerome sillier man june 111993 a shy kid growing up and got acting bug when 11. he studdied at the actor studio where jerry became gene. since he could not picture marquise reading at hamlet he took gene from novel and wilder from play right. he started off on broadway and land aid small part in 196 7 bonnie and collide his victory debut. >> i'm going to tear them apart those punks. >> but a change the meeting with
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leading man. in 1968 he appeared in brooks hit "the producers." >> under the right circumstances a producer could make more money with a flop an hit. >> he earned oscar nomination and name for himself in hollywood. >> if i had not done that mov movie and then was nominated for academy award and all that, i think i would still be doing supporting roles on broad way. >> there were bigger roles to come and in 1971 he captivated willie wonk aantechocolate factory creatingen deering character of the 20th centsry. >> anything you want to do and what a change the world. >> in 70s wilder brooks collaboration continued with "blazing saddles". >> i used to be called the waco kid. >> and young frankenstein which he wrote. >> if you're
6:26 pm
don't know where to go to why don't you go were fashion sits‚ô™ >> another collaboration came in 1976 in silver streak wilder teamed one richard prier for the first of four films. >> how do ge get on the train. >> on screen chemistry was undeniable. airport pair took the box office by storm. there was one buddy comedy prior was not available for. in 1982 wilder started opposite of saturday night live alum guilder ravner in hanky pavrpingy and fell in love and married two years laider and starred in two more movies. wilder himself admitsed his marriage was not an easy one and ended traumatic by with rad nor losing a two year battle with cancer in 1989 he married for the last time in 1991 and later faced his own cancer bottle beating nonhodgkin's
6:27 pm
little in later years taking away from big screen and appea appearing occasionally in tva including a spot on will and grace. >> what a career. i mean he made us laugh for so long. >> such a wide range. >> classic movies. >> dr. frankenstein. igore. thanks for join us. >> 5 at 6:30 is right after the break.
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>> in case you have not heard carlos daipinger is back in the head lines. don't know who he is? that's the nickname former congressman anthony weeper gave himself during a sexting scandal today his wife says she's done with him. >> and this is kind of unedible. hottest story today 6:30. before we go this is hot social media question. tell us what you think about this or really anything in the news just use 5@630 let's talk about new york post shall we weaner is back at it sending explicit pictures to women over the


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